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December 7, 2010
Take in the faintest aroma of smoke rising,
Rising from the remains of what once was a blazing fire,
A fire rich with red, sparks escaping in every direction.
All that remains now are the ashes, grey and frail,
And the scent of burnt branches.
A memory of an emotion that once burnt inside you.
Take in the faintest aroma of damp grass,
the kind that brushes against your ankles.
Feel the remains of what once was a downpour of rain,
From the thickest clouds of all shapes and sizes.
What once was a refreshing thirst-quencher of all things living,
What once left sparkles on the petals of roses,
Now is but a scent, a scent of moisture and cleanliness.
A memory of an emotion that once quenched your thirst,
And created glistening sparkles in your own eyes.
Take in the strong fragrances of the salt of the ocean.
Watch from a distance as the powerful waves crash against the rocks,
Feel the foamy left-overs of their majesty creep up on you at the shore.
Feel their breath blow gently through your hair, yet so strongly, your eyes water.
Listen to the humming of the immense body of water,
Pretend to be engulfed in it’s waves, surrounded by it’s power.
Dream that the waves carry you so peacefully, as they carry the sand and the shells.
Open your eyes to see that you are only at the shore,
With the foamy remains and the sand between your toes,
As a memory of an emotion that once surrounded you with power,
And carried you peacefully like a wave.
Close your eyes, it is but a memory.

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