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December 7, 2010
Eyes closed.
Powerful breezes surrounding all of me.
Suddenly my skin is covered by a sea of gentle shivers.
The crunching of the remains from the branches is music under my feet.
I walk slowly, barely shifting as to capture every rush of wind and every new leaf fall.
The air I breathe is an aroma that the raindrops left behind, a memory.
The stillness all around me is a treasure I hold close to my heart, so rare.
The beats inside my chest slow down, as if they are lying to rest.
My eyes gaze across the season, an ecstasy of color.
A bouquet of scarlet, a puzzle of yellows.
The crispiest of browns and the freshest of greens.
The pitter patter on my face and the ripples in the puddles.
When I watch the branches shed their color,
When the colors grace the ground,
When the ground becomes adorned in autumn jewels,
I am shedding all of me.
I come to this season in search of tranquility,
I seek the most peaceful of a heartbeat.
I seek a metamorphosis, a never-ending cycle of change.
As the sunlight breaks through a crack in the clouds,
As the sky water soaks me,
As a smile creeps up on my face,
I find him.
I find him and he finds me.
A peace so paralyzing, so flawless, so pure.
He is a peace like the sound of the autumn jewels gliding from the branches,
He is tranquility that melts mountains of snowy glaciers.
He is an ecstasy that commands the sun to shine and the stars to hide.
He is a peace so understated, like the simplest ripples in the puddles.
Gone so unnoticed, like the breezes in my hair.
He finds me where I seek him.
He created in me an autumn heart,
A heart of peace and a heart of depth.
Seasons come and seasons go,
In autumn my heart finds him.
Peace is the beauty of fall, the decoration of the season.
Peace is the shedding autumn jewels.
Peace is my autumn heart.

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