The Nothingness

December 7, 2010
By customization BRONZE, Fullerton, California
customization BRONZE, Fullerton, California
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A red sun rises
Over a red field,
The blood already sunk
Six feet under
The surface

Bodies on bodies
On bodies

No survivors
Save two
Lying parallel
Side by side
Barely breathing

A voice croaks
“I have a wife
And a beautiful baby girl
Waiting for me
Thousands of miles away…

No answer
Save the cocking of a gun
And a loud crack
That is lost
In the Nothingness

No survivors
Save one
Lying prostrate
Flecks of warm blood
Dotting his body
Gripping a smoking pistol

The sobs grow
Becoming a torturous scream of anguish
Piercing the stagnant air
Questioning an unresponsive world
“What have we done?”

The scream cut off abruptly

Another loud crack

Bodies on bodies
On bodies

No survivors

The red sun climbs higher in the sky,

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