Candy Or Vegetables

December 6, 2010
By Anthony246 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Anthony246 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Time for dinner, what shall I eat?
Something healthy, or something sweet?
While I lie down on my bedroom floor,
I think of which food to buy at the store.
The toughest decision of the day, candy: fattening but delicious,
Or vegetables: gross but nutritious?

Candy is delectable, amazing, and tasty,
But what are the consequences for acting so hasty?
Although candy calls out to me,
Eating so much could cause terrible acne.
Rotten teeth and stomach pain?
I could even end up going insane.

Vegetables smell like a dying skunk,
They also look as nasty as gunk.
Although they appear to be so bad,
They are the building blocks to a sturdy young lad.

All in all, you can see,
Vegetables are the decision for me.
Although candy taste so great,
I’d rather have healthy food on my plate.

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