Waste Of Time....

December 6, 2010
By ExclusiveYoung1 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
ExclusiveYoung1 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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"Go hard or don't go at all"........."Live life to the fullest" "Yesterday is history tomorrows a mystery and today's a gift you get to enjoy all day"........"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

When you look in the mirror and try to fix your hair, It's is a waste of time. When you walk down the street and try to justify the pride... it is a waste of time. When you cry to the love of your life and scream and beg them to accept you for who you want to be..... It is a waste of time.... But when you enjoy your life and be determined to only please yourself and yourself only that is a time well spent. Through the eyes of other you are different and you are not accepted but to you you are you... and that's a time well spent.

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