When Love Disappears

December 2, 2010
By tayree93 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
tayree93 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Hearts racing
Boys she’s chasing.
Inside, butterflies fill her
Because of this charming heart stealer.
Their fingers brush,
Her heart can’t help but rush.
Writing his name on everything in sight,
She would talk to him all day and all night.
All day she dreamed,
He was her everything.
She claimed he was “the one”
He flirted with everyone.
She would do anything for that boy
Soon enough, her heart he’d destroy.
Her amount of love? Absurd.
To him, just a four letter word.
But she wouldn’t let him go
However, no love he’d show.
She’d do what he asked instantly
While he was lying to her constantly.
She thought he was someone she could trust,
All he wanted was lust.
She thought she’d someday be his wife
He wanted her out of his life.
And when reality struck,
She was out of luck.
His true colors soon appeared.
Her forever love disappeared.
What happened to her life and joy?
Oh, he left her for the newest blonde toy.
She thought it was a joke,
How heartless he was as her heart broke.
With nothing left to say
She watched him just walk away…
Tears ran like a stream from her eyes
He’d not even given her any proper goodbyes
With no one to give her true love to
She began to disappear too…

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