On The Warpath

December 2, 2010
By soulofair BRONZE, Auburn, California
soulofair BRONZE, Auburn, California
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On the warpath, I am a hidden soldier.
I can’t take injustice, and I’m not about to kill.

The fight is on, but you are unequipped.
You can’t stand for yourself.
You’re falling down over yourself.
How are you to fight?

I fear for you, my friend.
I fear that you may never see the end of this battle.
I fear that you will be crushed by this heavy burden we have upon us.
I fear that you won’t survive.

It is such a powerful fear, one that I take with me always.
I cannot explain this life-stopping fear.
I wish that I could lead you to safety, lead you to the sanctuary.
I wish you could see what could be.

I cannot fight the battle for you.
I cannot lead you to safety.
This is your fight.
It breaks my heart to leave you to stand for yourself.
But I must.

So, I leave you to this:
My friend, it’s simple.
I’d stumble. I’d crawl. I’d take on the world for you.
And you don’t even know it.

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