Yin and Yang

December 1, 2010
By SmirkJN94 BRONZE, Allentown Pa, Pennsylvania
SmirkJN94 BRONZE, Allentown Pa, Pennsylvania
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Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship,never- Charles Caleb Colton
Hi I'm young you must be yin, a beautiful girl is where this story begin.
She's my other half, perfect match do the math, share memories that makes each other laughs.
Things are going great I felt this buzz, then she talked bout when she went through a heartbreak and how things was. I looked into her beautiful eyes and replied with a smile and a grin, and the angles from above sang for my girlfriend yin.
Looked me in the eyes this look I haven't seen in a while, she said, thank you. you really know how to make me smile: )
She said your very kind to be giving me your time,
I said I don't mind,
Your life was like mine.
Feeling start to grow strong
All the things I did wrong I write in all these songs...
She's helping me seeing the light, we barley argue and fight, all the wrong feels so right
I asked her out, grabbed her by the hip
First kiss, her lips made each other heart skips
When I look into her eyes start the feel the butterflies
The way she walks is magnifi-cent, get the hint, she's a ten, a dime, the reason I write these love rhymes
She's my butter to my toast, she sees the real me, to her I'm not a ghost.
When we text, it's affecinoate, X's and O's huggs and kisses a broken heart now fixed with stiches.
She calms me down when I'm angry looking for something to throw, and puts me on the right track with directions to go. Motivates me to see the potential to do shows
She gave me wings to soar, got me realize what I'm fighting for, wanting her more, to her don't matter if I was rich or poor, even tho I snore, I couldn't sleep if my girl wasn't next to me cuz it's her I adore. I get mad like the movie Happy Gilmore, but shes the one, shes fun, when she and me argue nobody won.
I'm confident and I know she's mine, a moment spent with her I'm never falling behind, I'm by her side, and I kno at the end of the day she'll ride. When we fight it's like fighting with myself. One special girl in this world, every whisper makes me miss her, wisher I could kiss her.
Nightless sleep I seen my progession, pray and thank God for the blessing. My heart's pacing as Yin, she, got me running laps, when we fight she textes me back, in all CAPS. she know's my past, not going to relapse, built a strong foundation too real to collapse. Were Asian I'm Vietnemese, she knows when she with me she don't have to please. Because I say thank you when I'm with her were chiller than a clam, chill, ocean breeze, and I hate when I leave but I got to work and be greater, haters rise like an esculator, she knew the fights before I would date her. She heard about my west end beef, the only problem she feared was if I couldn't afford food to eat. But I said these beef are gone there not on my level. It's a quarter past 7 and I gaver her a call, tell her everything shes's got my back, like a brick wall. always strong with each other we never gonna fall. Hold on while writing this rap my girl gave me a call. Hey Baby, Hey Boo, I really miss you. She said, no matter what you decide to do I'd be here for you. I saidi, same, no need to play games. Haters going to hate but when with her I'm great. Not goin to claim my fame my dissin nd making beef if I mentioned names. haha Johnson Nguyen doing it big again Yin and Yang. The sega just begin I'm blessed and making more than progress. See my potential and rap saved my life, love hip hop. peace nd anger. good and bad. right and wrong. opposites meant to be with each other. Motivating the personal experience why I wrote Yin and Yang.

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