December 1, 2010
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Passionate to rap music with my mix of poetry, visualizing a picture for everyone to see. You see that's the problem with being a writer or rapper. People hate and say this kid is a copy cater who just likes to chatter. I come up with new rhymes write it down fast like... I'm holding my bladder. Recent rhymes were about how I wish I could had her. So I'm with this pen and pad reminiscing on the memories me and rap had.

Alright verse 1: You never really know what you have until it's gone, but then when it's over you realize all the things wrong, making promises to keep a bond from breaking, wanting to make us last long. Ends up being a mix of an R&B song. Now we took some time from each other I came back and now people saying I changed and don't got substance. Don't need to write much a wise man with few words, common sense. Before I would get angry and cussed, I was being pulled sideways so reality and hit and I just continued to thrust, got a problem here's our time to discuss, the old me would combust and everything turns to dust. Now it's all different, before I had a hard time who to trust. So it's the new me, yall just got to adjust.

Verse 2: Nights are long when things go wrong, Mornings are short when things go right. Like every night don't turn off the light. Lose sight why we got to bring hostility and anger bottled inside and fight. Tell me how I'm suppose to think with no life. This rap game my wife? But a real wife knows the difference between what's wrong and right. It was never my incentive to give a broken heart another chance. To feel my deepest thought love life from a teen. No other emotion for something for anyone or anything in between. This my life and the enlightenment that needed to be seen.

Verse 3: Although all the pain I had to endure and go through. You can look at me and speculate see inside someone who's great and then I be the one you hate, great. No surprise haters always hate and supporters want to see me do great. Kicked in the nuts, was a must, a relationship based on lust, not trust, a dream crush, didn't do enough, smoke that kush, a s***** relationship down the drain...flush.

Verse 4: Read, write, learn. live, life, burn. Kids don't do as I did you don't want to be next in line and wait your turn. School starts listen to those chimes, when schools over don't put yourself in crimes. Child this is what you chose the road and direction that goes downward, as you realize all that can effect. Once started with a child abused and neglect, like everyone in this world all comes down to respect. Last time I checked this was my life and nobody should follow a life this hollow, big dreams like wanted to land on the moon flying on the Apollo. haha yeah everybody can dream. It's how you prepare mentally and to be brief my name is Johnson and every season get better so I'm married to this game and I'm never leaving I'm a go getter. Memories will remain and I keep on achieving. Message is, don't stop believing.

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