Lost in This Breakup...

December 1, 2010
You stabbed my heart,
You ripped it apart,
You watched the blood drip down
while you said farewell.
Yes, you did love, don't deny it.
You know, I loved you with all my heart
and I would never let anyone rip us apart.
But then there's you, yes, you.
You said you loved me.
But then came the day when you said things weren't working out.
After you said that I felt I needed someone who'll actually love me from the beginning.
Well, did you love me?
I knew there was a start with us, and an ending, but the middle, where was it?
The love, the happiness, the laughter. What happened to that?
I know I don't know that, and I'm not sure if you do, but if one day you find out,
I hope will share that with me.

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