Today Goes By

November 29, 2010
I won’t talk,
I won’t shatter the fragility of this,
This single breath from far away.

This one moment,
A breath from Time,
Breathe in,
Breathe out,
And in again.

Do you ever feel,
Like listening carefully to the sky?
Feeling Today slowly whispering by?
The silent breath of Time.
You can hear it in the sighs of the sea.
Swish, whoosh, swish, out, in, out.

I’m a wanderer,
Never in one place for too long,
Slowly learning not to put down roots,
Fumbling around,
Wondering if I’m missing something.
Was it the things I never said that make me wonder?

So much for my happy ending,
I can’t even think about today.
Life’s like that,
Time goes by.

Well, at least the sun still shines,
And it’s a beautiful day that’s passing us by.
Summer has come and passed,
And it will come again.

I know there’s something in the wind that tells of what is meant to be,
But I never know what I hear.
Can you hear the whispers of that world that gives its destiny to you?
Can you hear it?

Can you hear today spinning and swirling around you?
Can you?
I never could have hoped to see…

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