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November 28, 2010
By Danielle-jaiden GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
Danielle-jaiden GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein

Sunny days,

I view with darkness.
Cloudless nights,
I see no beauty.

There is something remarkably un-markable,

that comes from fear.

A certain unrecognized beauty.

Us people...

Tend to point out the obvious,

As if we had to go through deep thought,

In order to come to our conclusion.

While in reality,

At least a thousand people

Have already thought that thought,

Or just said what we've just heard ourselves say.

Looking at a flower,

And pointing out its beauty,

Isn't remarkable.

Its ugly in its cliche!

Flowers reveal its true beauty all on the outer layer,

And you can nurture them with the proper amounts of water, soil, sugar...

But it still dies.

While on the other hand

A tree will be passed a hundred times,

And not looked at once.

And we wonder why the willow weeps ? . . .

Trees can take care of themselves.

They are strong, and never work only to fulfill their own benefit.

And yet,

We don't give them a glance to admire their beauty,

We don't invite them to play,

We cut them down,

And never even count their rings...

Trees in every angle hold beauty...

The strong planted roots,

Which holds it in place.

The steady trunk,

Which carries pureness to the life of the tree.

And the leaves,

Which sees only the view of land we wish we could see.

In Rain,
Is happiness,
In Clouds,
Is potential,
And in fear,
Is L O V E <3

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