(not me...)

November 28, 2010
By Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
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Everyone Exrpesses themselves
In a different kind of way

Some through music
(not me...)
Some through art
(not me...)
Some through speeches
(not me...)

So what is me?
Not a bunch of not me's
But what describes me?
I have already what I'm not
But I don't know what I am or to become
I know I'm not a nurse
(I can't stand the sight of blood)
I know I'm not an athlete
(Running's not my 'thing')
I know I'm not a math nerd
(I think 'x' needs a life)
I know I'm not a progam geek
(Computers and I just don't get along)

So what am I?
A dreamer
Of what's yet to come
A dreamer
Of my life beyond
A dreamer
Of my long and winded journey
A dreamer
Of my teardrops, sad and joyous
A dreamer
Of my penstokes

So what am I?
A dreamer
A dreamer who knows what I am but can only dream
Of who I am

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