With a Heavy Heart

December 7, 2010
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With a heavy heart I here lie sleeping,
my silence is my self-defense.
I have done nothing wrong,
But I cry inside, only wishing to see you again.

With a heavy heart I lie here thinking
my heart I think is about to break,
But if it does, will you be there,
to pull me back in place?

With a heavy heart I lie broken in two.
Swallowed in my own despair,
I am my own best friend.
Once I loved and was loved by you,
But that was not enough.

With a heavy heart I lie here trembling
My silence broken by a last pea,
With your empty reply, the hope in me dies
Heavy hearted I close my eyes
I never want to see

With a broken heart,
I bury the pieces,
In a tarnished old locket,
frozen forever
I grow cold.
With a heavy heart I lie here sleeping
My silence is my last and only defense.

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