December 6, 2010
By RissaKhalifa. BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
RissaKhalifa. BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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Left out and alone
doing all i can to prove to you
proving it right in front you
always questioning that's why i'm easy to doubt
feel like i take up space
feel like my presence is overcoming the place
burn my senses with alcohol
leave me with no taste
when you see me you always point me out
i try to hide
but why?
i should pull up and look like the man
shouldn't care if your hating
should be myself, should start a conversation
should be open and make some relations
i'm in the fly free zone
tired of waiting feel like i'm floating on
i don't have much but i take all i got and what i got is what i give
feel like i fell asleep and never woke up
i'm living a dream
overcoming my fears
through all my tears
i don't have much but i take all i got and what i got is what i give
trying to be an all star
trying to just go
want to fly away, a different city, a different state
don't make fun of me, what i have, what i don't
i will succeed and float on
you cant bring me and make me gone
burn after rolling i keep on going
precious, yes i am
precious, you are to
i wont judge you so why do me like that
eyes glossy but don't have a glare in them
i must be dreaming anyway whatever i say it wont change
i hear you talking about it
don't live the life of a star
everywhere i go they know my name
i'm always starving so i'm always eating
anywhere i sit it wont change
don't judge me i am me for me
precious, yes i am
precious, you are to
yea they talk but i cant hear what they say
trying to fly high and be a star
a young super star want to be a hero
feel like i am dreaming and never woke up
i cant say my name right but i think they know i am that girl
i am underage so there is much that i cant do
always dress to impress you can tell
im flying where they see me but i try to be many many miles away
flying high up in the sky never touching the ground
you can see me struggle but yet you don't help
you cant get near me its like i am that poison to your health
it is whatever i will be that star
i will shoot my sights far
succession and good impassion is what i strife for
missing me but you'll never hear my reply for it
like july 4th preciousness will shoot on like them stars
from the moon and on
i can teach you to fly
just like me myself and i
i woke up

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