all grown up

December 6, 2010
diapers, bottles, blankets and tears,
crawling, walking in the following years.
talking, screaming,having fun, not much though for anyone.
candy curls, freckles and Popsicle sticks,
reading, writing and arithmetic.
big hugs, butterflies, and dandelions, monsters, shadows, and lots of crying.
falling down, swing sets, and water slides.
broken bones,scraped knees,sand in the eyes.
tylenol, peroxide,ointments, and band-aids,huds and kisses,then im not afraid.
chores,friends,and going places.
trying life and all it embraces.
lipstick,shaving cream,shopping at the mall.
when will you get off the phone mom?
"i'm waiting for a call."
college tuition.bills to pay.
SORRY! mom no time to pray.

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