Accepting the Blame

November 14, 2010
By Anonymous

It wasn’t my fault
that I’d almost hit the other car head on.
It was my mom’s skewed perception of the blinker.
She didn’t see me pull up the lever or the flashing light,
so she didn’t know that I knew what I was doing.
Her screaming in Spanish to do what I’d already done didn't help.
Her shouting could have made anyone swerve, crash,
or almost hit another car I had when I'd tried turning.
Her pride won't allow her to admit it,
but she knows that she was wrong,
that she deserves half the blame.
She couldn't not know after I'd proved it to her the next day
when she was trying to make a lane change.
My screaming to turn on the blinkers confused her just like it had confused me,
unless her screams of "You're going to make me crash"
are code for something else in her world.

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