Gabriel and Seraphiel

November 14, 2010
By fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I can't remember mine, so I'll just use one from Dante's Inferno:
"This way a good soul never passes..."

There she sits day after day
watching the world at her windowsill
the rain pours, but she knows nothing of these foreign tears
she sings her songs when she has a melody in her heart, even still...

Now the future has come, and it's years ahead of the age we struggle in
where all that drives our souls is cruelly banned
Her song is her chains, but has never stopped nor brought her down yet
For as long as she can remember, song has been her guiding hand

And when the pure sunlight shines through the iron bars
She lifts her blind eyes to the light that she feels inside, and she sings
A song of all her emotions, love, life, loss, death, and of a brighter place
spreading a faint hope to the others, the angel with the broken wings

Hope may be strong, but even the strongest fall victim to their fates
it has come to this fated, sorrowful, and unknown day
That would take her,tear her apart, and leave her to die
The day her one love, and the strength behind her delicate voice, was carried away

She struggled at the chains, screaming his name, as blood once more
ran in rivers over her bound silvery wings
falling to her knees, a bloody mess, realization hits, and she makes one last stand
her broken wings weigh her down, as she barely stands, taking a shaky breath, she sings with a new strength

As her voice echoes and rings back to her, the dim halls fill with light
Her wings are healed, she raises her arms and her voice to the heavens above
The torches ignite with a indigo flame, one by one, as her power is unleashed
The locks shatter in a thousand pieces forever, as she sings of eternal love

As the prison walls crumble, she falls to her knees, clutching her contracting heart
now fallen, forsook her god for his beautiful soul, but he cannot keep her from this harm
the price of love at it's greatest, she sacrificed her being, to ensure his life
He runs to her side, and carries her as he runs,
all she can think is that she's finally in his arms

Her time is slipping, her voice just a whisper, no longer blind, she can finally see his light
He runs and he runs knowing what he must do, before she dies
Standing before God and his corrupted angels he screams up to their high thrones
"You must save her!! This is not her time!!"

"And just why would we do that, especially for you Gabriel?"

"Because she is the true voice of Heaven, and she gave her life to set the innocent free...
she risked her very soul and save me. All I want is for her to be by my side, forever."

"So be it, but you may never walk among the angels of heaven, you must stay in the world below, and your mortal lives will be taken from you as a final price."

"Anything, but please hurry, her time is almost up."

With Seraphiel in his strong arms, wings wrapped around her, he stepped up before his God
Closing his eyes, gently closing hers, giving her one last kiss, he will do whatever it takes
With a flash of heavenly light, they were banished to the mortal world below
Their souls encased within the stone angels before the Cathedral, in a final embrace

The final story, of a love that lasted the ages I give to you
saying that with a strong heart, voice, hope, and soul, you can do it too

The story of the fallen angel Gabriel, the supposed servant of Hell
And Seraphiel, voice of Heaven, the angel of song,
and that with love,
time will tell

The author's comments:
I like angels. And love stories.

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