Young Love

December 5, 2010
By liveitxuppx3 BRONZE, Stratford, Connecticut
liveitxuppx3 BRONZE, Stratford, Connecticut
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She stands frozen as he walks slowly in her direction. A cold chill makes its way through the room and settles deep into her pores. This moment could have easily been predicted, yet she had been blind to the idea until now. It was a mere thirty seconds- about the time it takes to pour her daily coffee into her favorite mug. Yet this moment felt like forever. So simply her world could change; like the tree that turned to blood that spilled over the lawn every autumn. The words he spoke to her were not what pulled at the strings that held her heart together. It was the face. That face. His face. His eyes, open in the bright and golden sun, did not reflect the shining colors back into the sky like always. His mouth smiled the smile you see when remembering a past relative at a family gathering. She smiles back. A happy death to the relationship these two young people share. As they walk away to resume their lives without each other’s companionship, her eyes water and spill out like rain onto her blouse. She looks as if nothing bad this bad has ever happened in her life. But it has. And she will feel this awful pain again. This she knows, but she doesn’t fear it. There is nothing like the love of two people, this is certain. Her heart folds every time someone speaks his name, as it will forever. Until forever ends, love away. You will only live once so you might as well love as much as your heart will allow. Until I die, I pray I shall be hurt like this many, many times, for those who have been hurt were once loved. Let us be loved. Forever more.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually inspired by a real experience I had. Yeah, some guy did this to me. Yep. Sucks. Well anyways I just drew out all of the emotions I felt onto the back of my notebook right after he broke up with me. The end wasn't written until the next day when I was pretty mad and trying to convince myself being dumped was a good thing. But, let's be honest here. I was definitely just feeling bad for myself. (:

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