Growing Up

December 5, 2010
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We all learn something the hard way, or maybe the easy way.

Guys came from having cooties, to having STD's,
their choice was what tighty-whighty's to wear; Spiderman, or Superman.

"Smoking" candy sticks, became smoking cigarettes,
"drinking" kool-aid became drinking alcohol.

Racism was which color to choose from the crayon box,
sexist was deciding whether girls or boys were the smartest.

Friends came from giving you their pudding at lunch, to giving you advice over a boy,
they came from ringing the door bell, to walking right on into your house like they lived there.

Crying over a scrapped knee became crying over a broken heart,
crying over getting a C became not caring about getting an F.

And to think we all couldn't wait to grow up.

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