November 14, 2010
the way you look
at her
your eyes linger
I watch them
you are so unconcerned
I will go sit
at the bottom of the stairs
no energy left to impress you
I am drained
watching this
is just too much
for me
so now I lean my head against the wall
I usually have fun at parties
but now I hear you two coming down the stairs
you are laughing
pulling her by the hand
I do not want you to see me crying
but there's nowhere to go
I wipe my eyes
but I'm sure you can still see the tears
and then you see me
she giggles awkwardly
and I don't even have the energy
to get up
and leave you two alone
so you pass me
very close
brushing my legs that I pulled up to my chest
you meet my eyes
but only for a second
I can tell
you wish
I simply wasn't here
to muck up your night
and I wish I was gone too
so you didn't have to see me
over you

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SpringRayyn said...
Dec. 20, 2010 at 8:36 pm
awww...sad! :( made me cry, almost
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