Fighting Fire with Fire

December 1, 2010
By ky emery SILVER, Park City, Utah
ky emery SILVER, Park City, Utah
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A simple chat, soon a simple fight.
Words are thrown back and forth.
Glaring eyes shoot at each other.
Voices raised, and fists clenched tight.

The tips of his hair light up, the fire in his
eyes grow stronger. his cherry face explodes,
as smoke steams out of his ears. Colors of
yellow, red, and orange burst above him.

Swallowing the room whole,
he destroys everything in his path.
Blocking out everyones angry voices,
overpowering all the threats and fists.

He dies down, revealing all the ash falling
to the ground. Everything and everyone
is black. Lifeless, the air is filled with hate.
At last, the room is silent once more.

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