Ecuador Liga

December 1, 2010
By torthoms93 BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
torthoms93 BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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Soccer Game

Slowly limping up the weathered steps
What's for dinner?
The beautiful interior decor welcomed our tired eyes
More steps really?
yes, because they could afford elevators
Our bruises changing from yellow to black
Cramps and pulled muscles tightened as we sat down to eat
Bleached white tablecloths with delicate flowered stitching
Oops, spilled again
We really should get you a bib
Fellowship between siblings, parents, and friends
Foreigners, strangers, and animals?
Who let the duck in again?
Seriously if that thing bites me!
yonoton!! toma la ganso afuera!
Lo siento Papi!!
The delicate scent of traditional food breezed through doorway
past the deprived noses, relaxing as the chemical burn receded and the hungriness arose
Let's say grace
Eww your hand is sweaty
Woah your hands are HUGE
quiet guys
Dear Lord
Eyes closed and heads bowed for spans of time peaking to see a glimpse of the food
My lap was covered with paint and dirt
Remnants of a hard day's work, I felt accomplished
Bring me food!
the volume escalated as dinner conversations began
My eyes circled the room looking at the cute decorations of classical Kichwan artworks
Yes the green soup!
Do we even know what it is?
Who cares add the popcorn
We down the foreign delicacy, adding in mounds of homemade popcorn
Slumping in our seats relaxing as our hungry bellies finally shutup
The sweet aroma of chocolate wafts to me as I stir in the fresh ground cocoa powder
Seriously I will never drink Hot chocolate again
There really is no comparison
Its so good we don't get sick of it
Yeah since we have it at every meal
The memory of breakfast which seems so far away, eggs and ham, rolls and mora
Yo hijo hace trabajo
So I bought girls clothes
Dude its a sex pen i swear
They asked if i was related to harry potter
The conversation continue, the overload of sounds keeps me on my food
Yes the main course
Chicken chicken
Ahi yes or no?
Dude the goose isnt gone yet
Lo siento Papi
Our salivary glands go into hyperdrive as the rice and ahi sauce piled next to plates of rolls, mora, and honey
Followed by plates of corn, veggies, tropical fruits, potatoes and meat, pounds and pounds of meat
This was proabably killed a few hours ago
The veggies are so good
It's cause they're homegrown
My father stands up and asks all to thank the owner of the hostel
Thank You
twenty voices all muffled with food shout out in the wrong language to the hostess
she obliges with a bow and smiles, showing all her teeth, though some are missing
I smile slightly as I imagine her life
Every day wearing the traditional garb; White blouse, black skirt, apron, and as many gold beaded necklaces as I can manage to fit around my neck
Just to show my place in society
My hair in a ponytail, my hip broken, all day working on my feet, or worse my knees.
The hallways pass by as we rush to our rooms
I call showering first
No its so my turn
Dude, where's my bra
The running water drowns out the voices, i keep my mouth shut as the water isnt safe to drink
The cold tile floor welcomes my feet as I brush my teeth
The racket in the next room increases, bouncing beds, smashing pillows, typical girls
My turn
The naked body of my uninhibited friend runs past, behind the shower curtain
When were on the phone and you talk real slow
Ugh no Taytay
So sick of that
You are obsessed
What are we doing
going out on the town
we're in the ghetto of Ecuador
The shrieks and screams of ten girls explodes as one of the guys pops up in the window
The embarrassed culprit quickly sprinted along the outside corridor back to his room
The corridor is so beautiful
Balconies overlooking the city that lay hundreds of feet below
How much would it hurt to jump
Seriously?! That stupid goose
Lo siento Papi!
We make our way down the ornate hallway
decked out in our sweatpants and slippers
I wonder if this is considered appropriate
I'm much too lazy to go change
Dude, the pee in the streets
I want food!
The meeting room has become a cinema of sorts
The Brazil v. Ecuador Liga game has begun!!
We just ate
Yeah, I want more food
The projector works its hardest as it shoots the images of the famous players
the wall is covered by some old bed sheet, adding its own dimensions as it billows from a draft
Can we go get ice cream?
Actually that does sound pretty good....
We are silenced by the hosts as the game intensifies
snacks are passed around
I guess this is fine
We sprawl across the floor in random angles
Getting situated to be comfy for the game
who's foot is this?
who's laying on my back?
Why am i looking at your armpit?
The screams and shouts draw our attention back to the screen
Eventually we are all silent except for the occasional yell
Dude, you yelled at the wrong time
Yeah, wrong team
No, I want Brazil to win
We all laugh as Teddy is shunned out of the room
Eventually he came back in
It all comes down to the final moments
behind by a goal, they need to score
The forward take it up the right side
passes it to the center
Fakes around a defender
then taps out to the left
The players running in a unified choreography
The moment that all of their practice had been for
The anticipation building in their blood
And that of the spectators
Ecuador takes the shot
the ball flies through the air
A jet plain ready to land
A bomb headed for its target
The goalies hand is no match for the black and white sphere speeding toward it
and in it goes
The room exploded with cheers and shouts, but the game isn't over
We are all standing now, watching the shoot out as it will decide the fate
The time ticks by so slowly
Back and forth back and forth taking the shots
But Ecuador is just too good!
The vuvuzelas went crazy
Outside the city went insane
we all join in this time
Fireworks and gunshots echo through the dark night
Adding more light to the starry sky
We won
Someone bit me
That was the duck.....
Lo siento Papi!

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