December 1, 2010
Sereneful mind and place
Surrounded me, while
Navigating to harbor
Now I’m in the centre of sea,
As far away, I
Could not see any people
Evening time, crossed to night
Again a tranquil waves,
Place , mind surrounded me
As soon I drifted to sleep
Later, I feel the quietness leave upon me,
I awake, a glance in sea
Alas!!! Whirling storm,
Coming at me, I uttered to god
“oh almighty what

I have done to you?
What I didn’t done to you?
What I have to done for you?
Oh god, hearken me”, a tear
From his eyes… This kept
The god to melt as a ice.
A wretch sound he heard, that
Is the tornado, disastrous of
The ship it came closer
He closed his eyes, a sudden sentence
“mama ,papa I have to leave the world,
With god desires, make me a coffin” This
Melted the god certainly. Just
A moment, a glance in open eyes.
Naught besides me, the tornado
Hidden in the air, by the
Desire of god……then desperately
I departured to the harbor …….

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