Popular vs. Loser

December 1, 2010
By Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
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What if im not the hero... What if im the bad guy?

Her lips shining of glossy envy
Legs decorated with needle and thread
Sharp eyes to deceive the hopeless
Hair burning with perfection
Breath purified to a crisp
Manicured nails shining in your eyes
Body built up by the gods in their shear design
Bling sits upon her to intimidate
Fake smile that you can't see through
Pearly white teeth blinding the losers
Beep of her BMW to rub it all up in your face
Queen of the school strutting black stiletto down the hall
Designer coach purse swinging with the beat of her steps
Swarms of bodies enclosed around her
Losers steer clear of her frightening power
She has got the fame and fortune in the blink of her eye
No wishing on stars, yeah she's got the fancy cars
How is she so lucky
Well she's a popular
A backstabber and heartbreak, but she is too fixed up for people to think so
She laughs exactly right with no imperfections
Bedazzled earrings shatter your heart
Everyone wants to be her
Really all she struts is popular
Catty talk and gossiping about whatever she pleases
The air around her erupts popular
Popular, popular, popular!
One day popular, the next she's old news
Losers arise and take dignity
This is the loser's land!
The popular's time was back in "69
Loafers dancing in the moonlight
Square glasses to the brim of the nose
Fruity smiles and missing teeth
Stylish hair stuck up in twisting destinations
Noses filled with snot and blood erupting like a volcano
Plain shirts tucked in to play the part of being sophisticated
Brains the size of watermelons
Handy calculators and pencils always in hand
Highest scores sky rocketing out of the park
The school's pride and joy, this is what losers employ
Geeky braces and retainers falling out
Clumsy and falling over every shoelace
Losers score populars snore!
Losers, losers, losers!
Which side, you decide?

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