trying to fix the broken

November 30, 2010
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we lost everything
but yet we still try
broken glass everywhere
furniture in pieces
tears fallin' from our eyes
words flowin' we don't mean
faces changin' color
we're gettin' angry again
punches and kicks goin
bruises decoratin our body
we stap and stare
hug and apologize
why is it we still try
we clean up our mess
buy everything brand new
we sit at the table
shakin heads in hand
mumbling quietly to ourselves
we pray and pray and pray
waitin for answers to come
we get frustrated
start to yell again
i say why deny us love
your daughter,my daughter,our daughter
she deserves your love
you say only two words
i'm leaving
you get up quietly head for the door and leave
our daughter begins to cry
i sit her in my lap
i begin to cry too
say i'm sorry sweety
i can't fix love which is broken

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