November 30, 2010
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As I lat here pondering
At what possibly could have been.
Memories flooding back to me,
Assuring my heart never mends.

And while my mind still wanders,
And while my heart still beats.
These memories still haunt me,
My only choice - retreat.

But as I run away
These demons, still they follow.
Haunting every waking moment,
Denying sleep; causing sorrow.

But on the rare occasion
When I finally salvage sleep.
My dreams, they turn to nightmares;
Unease, my mind still reaps.

Maybe there’s someone out there
Who can cease this torturing.
They’d see past my false happiness
Into my heart that’s endlessly screaming.

So if there’s someone there
Who can see past this charade.
I’m yelling madly for your help,
For this haunting, you could break.

Make it stop! Make it end!
I’m going madly insane!
Please! Make my thoughts relax!
Help me end this pain.

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