A Fantasy Christmas

November 30, 2010
By dragonmasterkids BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
dragonmasterkids BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
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Twas the night before Christmas in fantasy land.
All creatures were stirring and lending a hand.
The elves hunted ducks and rabbits for the feast.
While dragons and gryphons caught larger sized beasts.
The hobbits and dwarves brought out the beer,
And the nights blew their trumpets to invite all who could hear.
Fauns danced and sang being the life of the party,
And even told jokes to be happy and jolly.
The phoenix flew by giving everyone light,
And kept them all warm from snow’s icy bite.
As for the Cyclops with his one eye,
They oversaw the celebration on earth and in sky.
Orcs, ogres, and goblins brought decorations from home,
Heads on sticks and live garden gnomes.
The boggarts and brownie worked very hard,
Making gingerbread houses and Christmas cards.
And the good wizard Vizzoo was the star of the show,
With a white beard, and mustache, and a red robe that flowed.
And a hat on top with stars and a moon,
And gave presents to children all afternoon.
Pegasus flew him across the night sky,
As he went from town to town saying,
“Have a good night!”
And the pixies and faries followed in the rear,
Spreading magical dust making everyone cheer.

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