Gifted Change

November 30, 2010
By RJzWings BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
RJzWings BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
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In a moment everything can change
For a girl lacking the candle’s flame
Trapped in her shadow
Though a glamour it may be
That shimmering darkness pulsed around her unwavering

She lost her brightness
Her light inevitably missing
More suppressed, missing than hidden
Her wings drawn away
She is left empty in her world
Losing her shining wings
She lost her flair of passion

Doing only what is needed to survive
The girl forgot how to live
She passed the days in a shadow
No one saw her once untamed spirit again
The soul of a dancer
The soul of the brave

But there is always that small line of hope
That silver lining of hers
Where she wishes for her wings to blossom again
For her brilliance to reappear
To be able to dance as she walks
And sing while she talks

As others watch her they see
A pitiful girl of worthlessness
They forget to look beyond the cover
To the words imprinted on the inside
Still she shows them no weakness
As she waits to sprout beautifully and fully
Thanks to her hope, no matter how little
She will be gifted again, a life like no other
The world thought they knew
What it is to trust and hope
They thought they knew what it was like
To have your wings spread wide and shine a bright light
Not known to them was this one brave girl
With a light like no other
Only with a blossom as her so near
Can they know the trueness of this

With this her beautiful wings reemerged
Her life bloomed and she gave way
Like the stars in the dark night
She illuminated the world
With her love and hope
Confidence and wishes

The hope of a girl
A girl who gained her glistening
With light, shining light
All around that one brave girl
She burst from her gloomy glamour

She came back with a new wish
She came back with a new hope
That all the rest of the world
With their wings far gone
Will hope with her
Trust that they too will get their wings
For her, everything changed
For everyone, things can change

The author's comments:
Everyone has a glowing blossom in them. It's whether you choose to allow that flower to shine that truly matters.

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