Life on the field

November 30, 2010
Life is a softball game.
Where every victory bears happiness.
Where challenges amd obstacles rarely get a second chance.
Where confronting a different pitcher brings unique pitches that are unpredictable.
Where you smash the ball on the sweet spot of the bat and it jumps over the fence for a homerun; the yellow ball gives me a mellow feeling that gives butterflies.
Where you meet a loss, but in the end you played your heart out.
Where you can't allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
Battle in the batters box and compete with every pitch that is heated with spin by you.
Swoosh! Slide head first into home plate and score.
Always having your teammates there to catch you if you fall.
Where sometimes in life you're going to face a curve ball and you just have to lean back, load up, and what it out of the ball park.

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