Haunted Dreams

November 30, 2010
By SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
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Death is as light as a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.

The silence echoes through the night
I am alone for the world sleeps
I hear the world breathing steadily
As the night settles over
Such lonely quiet blankets our land
I long to join the children in their naive sleep
To trust that the world is safe as I dream
But I cannot seem to close my eyes
I have a fear that I may not wake
So I listen and I wait for the night to take me
Time slows and seems to hover
Betwixt this moment and the last
I watch the shadows the moon creates
Moving like a heatless fire
I do not fear the dark
Nor do I fear what lurks in the shadows
For these are things I can see
I fear the shadows of my mind
The darkness of my subconscious thoughts
The dreams of creatures that steal my breath away
I feel the darkness crawling into my soul
Consuming all that is left of the days light
I dare not rest
I dare not sleep
But perhaps
Yes maybe
Just one dream
So I sleep
And wake to my own screams

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