Child of Night

November 30, 2010
By SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
Death is as light as a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.

In the dark of the night a child cries
Out in the dark a hunter hides
Wait for the moon called hells to arise
Out in the wild a wolf fears the blade of a knife
In the haunted halls of a dead castle I feel death arrive
No I wait not for my heart to be taken by the devil’s man
But for the angel of death I say my final amen
I as a child of the night fear not death as most men do
I as the Night Child have the power to fight
If I wish not to die it is not my time
If I wish not to close my eyes then I have no reason to hide
The wolves are my brethren
The night my shield
The dark my very dream
The life of silence is the love of fearless desire
The heart of the devil’s daughter is mine
The lies, my life,
The truth, my enemy of sworn endless care
Here from the dense forest I call
Here I am not loved
I see my spirit in my child
The daughter of Lucifer
The niece of Gabriel and Raphael

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