December 16, 2010
By JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Everything is just a vehicle for cheese.

In the mirror.

A human stares back.

Not me,

not even close.

These clothes, these glasses,

don't mean a thing.

I'm better then that.


Stronger and faster they say.

Doesn't feel like it,

not today.

Responsibility for those

who take none themsleves.

Fighting off all the villians I

secretly sympathize.

This image of a man

isn't to keep a secret,

not to keep me normal,

it's to stop me from forgetting.

To stop me from wiping out what I have become.

Crafted my own chains,

my own morals behind this suit.

The emblem underneath is just for show,

it all is.

Not a human,

but I don't feel that super.

Sometimes just a man

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