December 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The tension builds up in my chest
The hot tears running down my face like a race
Trying to think of happy thoughts
The tears start to burn like alcohol on deep scratches
My mom is in love with the devil he’s in my life now
No stopping him, you can’t stop a murderer form killing

I look at my hands trying to see the marks I lost my identity
I sit as if I was forced to there’s no stopping the tears
I try to stop the sobbing
I wish, I wish I wish that my mom would care about me
Thinking when we were once happy once a pone a time
I look at the scratches in my soul there’s no repairing them
This has scared my life the pride I had has turned into insecurities, I wish
The day I was given life was fast just as fasts as it left
It has sunk in the water hoping one day it will be discovered
There’s no heart as well as soul
A heart that is broken, a soul that is dead
A person is waiting to be loved
There was once a little girl happy
I have been looking for, this person is not me

A bad person this is not me
The real me is happy and her little girl is waiting for someone to wrap their arms around her and say

The author's comments:
This was after i moved out of my moms so i had lots of anger

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