I Am Gone

December 2, 2010
By LavenderDelight BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
LavenderDelight BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on."
-Robert Frost

I fall to the floor, wooden body melting into wooden planks that have absorbed my blood, sweat, tears. Tears that keep falling, a heart that can't break; what will you do when I'm gone?
Everything I am scattered all around me, everything I was was, for you. Ungrateful though you are, you have taught me my lesson. What will you do when I'm gone?
The sun keeps rising, though to me things seem backwards. As the sun rises in the West I will run to the East, in a race I can't win. The stakes are high. What will you do when I'm gone?
When I'm gone I'd like you to take my things, burn them. Scatter the ashes across mountain tops, through valleys; scatter the ashes in the rushing tides. What will you do when I'm gone?
All my life I waited for you, I was born of your love, I lived while you loved me, and died the day you told me you no longer did. Scars, overlaying scars. What will you do when I'm gone?
The clocks have stopped ticking, the world has stopped spinning, the rivers no longer flow, nothing will grow. People like me are born to be alone. What will you do when I'm gone?
I am disfigured, no one can find love for this, I do not love myself. Knife to wrist, watch me go, I have more power now than you've ever wielded. I'll tell you what to do when I'm gone.
Take my bones, take the girl I was, throw her over the edge of the Earth. Let her fall, let her float, watch my bones dance and rearrange until you can't recognize me. This is what you will do when I'm gone.

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