When they hurt you

December 3, 2010
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And so my last footstep falls,
It echoes angelically in the emptiness.
My own portrait lay on the floor- beauteously distorted-
it’s naive disguise discarded in longing bereavement.
I brush the cold skin- sharp to the bone.
Lips parting in untold secrets, promises, wishes.

Shadows form- amiable demons fight hostile angels,
Alienation is warm, reclusion sought after.
Inclusion is arduous, affection is produced.
Affection can be broken- emotions warped.

I pick my own corpse up- cradle it close to my heart,
I shall cherish it- cherish myself once more.
Kiss the pain from your mind.
My life, my love will flow to it’s mottled veins,
Re-awaken, little girl- innocence too beautiful to neglect.
Flee once more to your intimate imagination,
Shy away from the eyes that probe and the ugly hearts that burn in sin.
Be safe- take refuge- do not look back.

For they did not care of you,
Their wicked cravings caused this pain in you.
They left you to drown in your feelings.
They left you to bleed in your own chapel of rest.

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