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November 29, 2010
By wishingonastar BRONZE, Preston, Minnesota
wishingonastar BRONZE, Preston, Minnesota
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Things happen. Everyday, Everywhere. You think that it couldn't possibly happen to you but then suddenly it does. Just like a twig snapping a life could end, a chance you never took, gone. Life is fragile; wondrous; truly amazing. We often forget this. Each night we go to sleep knowing we'll wake up to see the morning sun. Sometimes it’s not like that; we don’t realize how much we take for granted. Some people are fighting hunger; some have no homes; some have nothing to live for...some, everything to fight for. Some wonder 'will I wake up to see the sun rise?' Our lives are so simple yet so amazing; we forget that sometimes. Our friends who have always been there when times get rough-taken for granted. We snap at them; accuse them of things; and lie to them. Our families who would do anything for us; to hear us laugh; to see us smile; all taken for granted. We don’t make up from fights with a sister a father mother or brother and suddenly you don’t have that chance because their gone. So next time you’re going to join in on gossip or spread some stupid rumor, remember that that particular friend is still with you, when all your others, left. You've gone through so much together; she deserves better. Always love not hate because you don’t know what your last words, or theirs, will be. When you think you can’t go on, when all your hope and faith is gone, think of those who would do anything to not be hungry; to have a warm place to sleep, a home; to not worry if they'll still be here in the morning. You go through your day the same way every day. Instead take a risk; take that chance; do what makes you happy; because tomorrow...well no one knows. Know that you make your life what it is; don’t take anything for granted.

The author's comments:
someone in my school passed away and it made me realize how fragile life really is.

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