What Is Love?

November 29, 2010
By Whitehorse144 SILVER, Templeton, Pennsylvania
Whitehorse144 SILVER, Templeton, Pennsylvania
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This is one of the biggest questions anybody will ask. Some people will be able to answer it and some won't. Love is what we make it. I beileve that true love isn't just four letters. It is the art of our life. Love never fails no matter what the circumstance. My thoughts are that love is something that you change yourself for. Most people surrounding us today belive in superficial love. To the people that cheat,lie,steal or continualy hurt the person you're with ,makes love look like a lie. If you cheat on your partner especially in a marriage, there isn't something between the two of you enough to call it love. Love makes you want only that person and not want to be with anybody else. Lieing is something that will only get you into trouble in the end and from previous experience there is nothing worse than finding out that your partner lied to you. You only feel betrayed and it makes you not want to trust that person anymore. Honesty is one of the biggest parts of a relationship. Love is a confusing thing but when you do fall in love you will know it for sure. Love takes time and it grows. It doesn't fade away unless it's not real. It makes you want to change your life and become a better person. When you love somebody it doesn't change who you are ,it changes how you see life and how you approach it. The little things that you never noticed before become your everyday life. It's not always an easy thing but if you want your relationship to work out but you have to want it. It's hard to tell yourself to follow your heart because your head gets in the way and convinces you something else. Picture yourself in 5 years. Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? Picture yourself in 15 years. What did you want to accomplish? Then picture the person that you're with now. Is this person going to still be there for you? Will this person support you in what you want to do? If so, then that person is worth holding on to. You also have to be able that you can do the same for your partner. You have to support him/her and encourage that person to do what they really want. You have to have the heart to sacrifice something for that person if anything would ever come up. Nothing else matters but making that person happy. Nobody can tell you who to love or what to hold on to. You have to think before everything you do, because as we fall in love our hearts become more fragil than before. They tend to break easier. So before you call it love, make sure you're ready for what follows the most amazing word in the entire world.

The author's comments:
I have strong beilefs and passion. I think love is the one thing that can make us better people.

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