Dodgeball: 4th Period P.E

November 30, 2010
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Animals I call them as they run after thier trap set for thier prey

Scream and Chant when they kill thier prey

Laugh do they,Laugh why?Laugh at the death of thier own Spieces.

Aren't you next?

I may sound mad

But why sound glad at the vicious killings of my brothers and sisters

Some of these animals just stand there

wanting to be killed

To them being killed means acceptance

Means wanting

So they want to get killed?

Kill me for I am your prey

Plan my death for me,living makes me alone in this war

Kill me Before it's too late,kill me with the others

With all hate just kill......

A few of these animals aren't even seen

they hide

Smart are they?To not fall for the trap

Scared are they?Cowards not to risk thier lives for others

But these brand of species who seem to be invisible

When they stand alone,they are the strongest

Dodging every trap that aim for them.

So who are the strongest in this war of hate?

Let's find out

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