Blind <3

November 30, 2010
By Uwaila GOLD, Elk Grove, California
Uwaila GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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They say love is blind

Then I guess I had no guide

But a walking stick by my side

The stick didn't do no help

I bumped into things but ignored 'em

'Cuz i didn't think they mattered

With me blind I could only hear people warning me to be careful

I couldn't see

They told me that stick won't help me 'nun

But i kept holdin on to it

'Cuz i knew one day I would really need it

One day it would need me

"That stick no good Ms.Daisy. It's bent a little,it got a scratch on it,It look like it guna break, you better off without it"

But i didn't listen,cuz they didn't know

Where i got it

How i got it

And how long I've had that stick

I had that stick with me everyday

I held it

Never let it go

Held it when i laughed

Held it tight when i cried

And left it on the floor and sat down when i was mad

That walking stick has taken me to places where i never thought i would go with my condition

That stick ,My stick

Is on the porch now

Left it on the ground

Forgot it i think,when i went to the kitchen to get some water

I didn't need it no more

I picked up my walking stick and it broke

Still I'm blind

But i walk with my soul held on

One day,I pray i can see

So i could see my walking stick

'Cuz as time passes by

I can stil feel it's every prick

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