November 29, 2010
I feel and
Live pain.
Every second that
My eyes wont open,
And my heart will no longer cry.
Embraced with every aching moment,
As the hands slowly tick around the clock.
Agony is my only friend,
And time is the enemy.
I pray for just one moment,
Where my head isn’t crowded with despair.
Just one moment of pure ecstasy.
I’ve lost my way through the
Ever winding paths of the labyrinth.
Every chance of hope,
Is diminished within a blink of an eye.
Every moment of redemption,
Ends in a cloud of dust.
I have become tired of trying to accomplish
What’s the point of continuing,
When you can’t even force yourself to smile anymore.
Your heart doesn’t even speed up when you touch.
Your eyes don’t even light up when he walks in the room.
For once,
I just wish I felt,
And lived,

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