Thunder with Lightning

November 20, 2010
By rocker3 BRONZE, New City, New York
rocker3 BRONZE, New City, New York
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Luminous light reflects off cars
Shines sunlight in your eyes
Peaceful, little whistles
As the breeze blows leaves against your feet
Then, blackness
A flash hits the soul
A streak of light blinds the tall mountains.
It makes you stop for a second
So you can catch your breath
You become scared and nervous.
Your hands tremble
And you can’t speak a word
You wonder what’s happening around you
By then it passes
A lightning bolt
So bright, it shocks your eyes
A bomb bursts with the next crash,
Shatters your eardrums.
Lightning scatters across the night sky
It stuns your eyes
And your sight is filled with deafening darkness.

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