November 6th, 2008

November 29, 2010
It feels like needles in my heart.
My eyes sting and my mind is disappearing.
How can one person feel all these emotions at once?
Cheerful, depressed, welcomes, alone.
I feel like i'm in a trance.
I know i've been this way for awhile,
but it's a new feeling now.
It's like my soul is being joined with anothers,
the pulling and pain of hearts conjoining,
the bonding of two to one.
My eyes dont see,
my fingers dont feel.
The only sense i have is not one connected to the body,
only my soul.
I'm a tangled mess,
so much to think about
but not having a mind.
I feel possessed by this new feeling,
it's as if it takes over my body.
This is the greatest feeling in the world.
My body tingles as i say the words for the first time,
"I love you"

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