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November 29, 2010
By pmiller BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
pmiller BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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I am from a backyard that's full of leaves and acorns,
From pine trees and the smell of mama's sauce spreading thoughtout the house.
I am from the street lights beaming into my bedroom window at night.
I am from the 90's era when Saved by the Bell was on every morning at seven a.m.
I am from Frosted Cheerio's with honey drizzled on top.

I'm from the warm-hearted grandmother.
I'm from the stubborn, and the crochet mittens, sweaters.
I'm from sour pickles on hot sunny days with a glass full of ice and water.
I'm from classy women, acting lady-like,
From grace before a meal and Sunday mass.

I'm from Lake Winnipesaukee during the summers.
I'm from Tom senior, Tom junior, Tom the second, Tom the third, etc.
I'm from Miller and Sam Adams beer that makes Papa feels good,
From the abuse of hatred or just for the hell of it and loud voices all day and throughout the night.
I'm from lemon water with each meal.
I'm from risky antics to daddy's little angel.

Under my bed was nothing, but dust and a beige rug.
I'm from the plastic house bed with doors above my head,
Stored with bedtime books, a flashlight and a girl waiting to come out and stand on her own two feet.

The author's comments:
This was a classwork assignment given by my english teacher. When I wrote this, I had no control over what I was saying..it just all poured out of me. But, that poem describes my childhood. I miss how fun I used to be then, and so care-free about the little things. Life's so short, we don't realize it until we loose the things that we took for granted. We're given one life, one chance, and one childhood. Make the best of it. It should be something that you can look back on and say you lived a good life and came from a good family. As my mother has said all my life, "Life's an adventure, and it's all about the adventure!".

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KerrB said...
on Dec. 22 2010 at 6:33 am
Beautifully written...you have a great talent and gift for writing.  Thank you for sharing it made my day!

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