Abysmal Bliss

November 18, 2010
By Ahrenzell BRONZE, Foxborough, Massachusetts
Ahrenzell BRONZE, Foxborough, Massachusetts
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"Possibility is no longer a factor. All that matters now is truth." - The Plague of Ahrenzell

Amongst nothing and amongst all
Clothed in the Dark, hidden by light
I amble through the fearful abysmal bliss
Embracing the relieving, expected woe.
I search far for my foe

Past hands had been dealt
Lives lost, new fates drawn
The world broken into innumerable shards
Abandoning all I had previously known
Thus I now trudge alone

Walking along a path of those deceased
I step forward to assume mine own fate
My surroundings appear quiescent
But I must conquer, plan my attack
Ere the Man in Black

As guardian of a once sovereign realm
I confront my rival on the salient
Where I will slay in the name of chastity
And restore my kingdom to be once more blithe
Raising my savage scythe

Time and time again I strike
Both our blades defer great strain
Peacekeeper versus tormentor– antitheses clashed
Our two bodies hurled high into the void overhead
Enveloped in all dread

Penetrated armor
I pierce him, his shield torn
I fight valiantly
Disarming his fleet
Until his true defeat

Despite my penultimate triumph
Still I continue, none at my side
To reverse my wrongs and catalyze newfound concord
Restore my forfeit honor, reclaim their divine souls
To bear the final toll

Shambles of a once complete Earth
Plague my heart with nil but remorse
Abysmal bliss accompanies euphoric woe
Misery among pleasure, their dependence stout
So ends our epic bout
Now forced into wielding two nemesis swords
I mend the great fissure that split us in two
Then arch my spine and wretch in distress
I feel my soul crack forth and decay
And I soar high away…

My wings snap sharply at those notorious
As I rise above the rest – victorious!

The author's comments:
This is my first attempt at serously writing poetry. I wrote Abysmal Bliss in an attempt to make other teenagers(and adults) think deeply about concepts such as decision-making and the difference between true success and dishonorable success. I expect that most will interpret it incorrectly, but I would love to hear what anybody thinks of it.

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