November 19, 2010
since you were quiet
I stopped getting songs
stuck in my head
since we stopped talking
I stopped looking for mirrors
as I walk
since you put that wall back up
I sleep with your shirt I kept
by accident
since you started to pretend I don't exist
I have dreams of you singing
but I can not hear your voice
since I haven't seen you smile
I haven't been able to finish a poem
since you finished with me
everything I do
is left unfinished
and you will slap the snow from my face
and tell me I look pale
and when I leave
you give no second glance
and I am left to drink in silence
clinging to your fading voice
do not drown me in wordless guilt
I can not swim
since with your words you took my will
and strength
I will surely drown
in this half frozen
ankle deep

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