maybe.. one day you will know

November 23, 2010
By samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
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I see you every where i go
wanting you,
missing you,
all i want is to be with you
my heart is missin a piece when you left
I thought it would be fore the best
but i was wrong
im sorry that i hurt you
i cant change what i have done
but i can change what i will do
i was scared,
I pushed you away
I didnt know what to do
all the fighting
the sarrow between us
i could not handle it any more
I thought that i could just move on
but i was wrong
i hold a piece of you in my heart
and always will
I see you every where i go
when im with someone else all
i think about is ....
when im all alone
all i want to do is to be with you
I knew you ment alot to me when we were together
but i did not know how to show my
love to you
i regret letting you go
I should of fought for us
I should of did everything to try to save us
but i gave up..
leaving you in pain
and my heart broken
i know your family hates me
i dont blame them
i hate myself for hurting you
i know that they may never like me
but i know that i love you
that i want to be with you
that i would try my hardest to show
them what you mean to me
i will do anything to prove to you
that i want you
because ......


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