twisting pain

November 23, 2010
By xxfhbaby90xx SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
xxfhbaby90xx SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
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The twist in the pit of my stomach. The adrenalin pumping in your veins. You know you can do this, it's what your heart is screaming at you to do. And you feel like if you put this off any longer your going to explode. Your about to say the 3 most terrifying word known to man. The words you swore to never say unless you couldn't describe it any other way. Well here it goes, it's like jumping into a freezing pool. You've just got to do it. 3 words 8 letters....i love you. Now you look for a response in his eyes. You see an endless zone of emptiness. You realize you've said the words to the man who doesn't feel the same. And you slip back into your shell of loneliness. To never speak those words again.

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