The Cure To My Loves Cancer

November 27, 2010
patient: doctor how much longer do i have to live?

doctor: a month. The only way to survive this is by falling in love with an angel.

I had cancer. Love cancer. How long did i have to live. I had no straight up answer.

As the days went on i felt nothing but anger, because I'm living in a world filled with danger.

Falling in love with an angel, would be the only way to survive. Thanks to that beautiful angel. Today i am alive?.

I was on the urge of giving up. So i didn't care of falling in love. See in the past i was burned oh so much.

So in giving love another try, i didn't want to try. I was just waiting for the day when my heart will give up and die. Everyday I was loosing a piece of my heart and time was running out and my days were almost done.

But then came that there where I found the one. When i first saw her it was something I couldn't believe.

Did God really send me an angel to save my life and fulfill my dreams?

And as time passed and days went on,

My loves cancer began to get better and it was something that I couldn't believe.

and the lost pieces to my heart began to get back into place and my heart was back to my piece.

Then January 26, 2010. That was the day that the doctor said, that I no longer had loves cancer.

"I love her", that was my answer.

I fell in love so rapidly and through my loves cancer I survived.

Thanks to her love, Today I feel alive.

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