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November 26, 2010
By leesee BRONZE, Trabuco Canyon, California
leesee BRONZE, Trabuco Canyon, California
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I miss your smile

I miss the way I felt when you looked into my eyes, when you looked deep into me as you dared to say those three little words

I miss the feeling of protection when your arms were around me

I miss the warmth that once flowed though me

I miss your deep eyes which told me a new story every time I looked at you

I miss your soft lips that seemed to kiss me forever

I miss how my heart would skip a beat when you touched me

I miss how you made me feel beautiful like a blooming rose

I miss my heart dropping to my stomach when you made me speechless

I miss your love notes that look worn from me carrying them in my pocket and re reading them so you didn’t seem so far away

I miss your tenderness at my most fragile moments

I miss you as my best friend that I thought would never leave

I miss the butterflies, the kisses, the love

I miss ever part and everything about you

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